David J. Velleman, PsyD

California Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY28603

Let’s be honest – if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that something isn’t going well for you. You might be feeling anxious or depressed; you might have trouble sleeping; you might find yourself feeling restless or irritable or having relationship difficulties. Any of these experiences (and more) can feel hopeless, overwhelming, or that you’re the only one who is suffering – DON’T BELIEVE IT! All of these issues can and do improve, but nobody is born knowing how. Like any skill, it takes time, practice, and guidance.

The bad news is that emotional symptoms are common, troublesome, and stubborn, but the good news is that they absolutely improve with the right support. Engaging in therapy is perhaps the greatest expression of care and compassion that we can offer ourselves.

Therapy can take many forms, and in order for it to be most helpful the rapport and connection between you and your therapist is of supreme importance. I pride myself on having a flexible style that adapts to what you personally find most supportive and helpful, but make no mistake – if managing emotional symptoms and relationship difficulties was easy, everyone would already be doing it (and I would be out of a job). If you’re looking for someone to show you calm zen gardens and invite you to give yourself a hug, you will probably be happier working with someone else. If you want someone who will always be in your corner, working alongside you towards improvement and satisfaction, and who can be even more stubborn than your symptoms, I’m your doc.